With so much news about cyber security threats in Texas, it can be stressful for business owners who do not have a cyber-security program in place. Many business owners do not even know where to start or what a cyber-vulnerability looks like. A good place to start is a cyber security audit.

A cyber security audit is a way for smart business owners to systematically measure and create a technical assessment of their existing systems, processes, and security measures. A security audit can include everything from technical infrastructure assessment and analysis to in-person interviews of internal teams and IT staff.

Manual Security Audit vs. Software-Based Solutions

While there are many software-based security audit solutions on the marketplace with more coming out every month, software can only do so much to assess the flaws in an existing infrastructure. As with any software, the output is based on the initial input. If you do not have a dedicated team of IT professionals who are well-versed in the myriad technical challenges and cyber threats and organization can fall vulnerable to, it might make sense to bring on an official security audit team to help analyze your entire system from the ground up.

A manual security audit will be a comprehensive review of every IT system and all personnel, software, and hardware which connect and interact with said system. Security audits can include but are not limited to assessing a system’s: boot security, kernel security, process analysis, software audit and review, cron jobs and ats, log analysis, and more.

Security Audits Don’t Have to Feel Scary

At Providence Partners, we work with hundreds of creative business owners and executives to help provide meaning to technical jargon and phrasing that can seem scary in part to so many unknowns. You’re likely incredibly skilled at your core proficiencies and we want to empower you to grow and scale those with peace of mind and ease.

Cyber security should not be some uncertainty eating away in the background at your confidence and ability to scale your business. Let us guide you into the security strategies and solutions we’ve seen work incredibly well for some many of our clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a security audit will safeguard your business against cyber threats, just fill out a few questions and we’ll be in touch soon.