Tech engineers and savvy executives have never had more access to opportunity than they do right now in the current technology marketplace. You know and understand that (it’s likely why you’re here). What you may not yet understand is how important narrative is in the recruiting process. Engineers aren’t just looking for a job, they want to be a part of a perfectly unfolding story.

Let us help you build a case for your business and get it in front of the top tech engineering talent available in Texas and beyond. Providence Partners will help you craft your message to both, showcase your legitimacy as a place where tech engineers can thrive, and help you develop the emotional connection required to draw in top talent.

It takes more than a job posting to find the best talent out there, it requires a narrative that strikes an emotional and creative chord within challenge-seeking engineers. We’d love to help you design a recruiting or staffing strategy that custom-tailored to your organization which helps you tell that story.

We’ve helped hundreds of companies from small startups to large multinational organizations find the talent who was perfectly matched by talent stack, cultural fit, and career trajectory. Our competitive advantage comes from decades of industry experience paired with a deep investment and understanding of emerging technology and strategies for sourcing, screening, and interviewing talent.

Our greatest asset is the connected web we’ve created of hundreds of employers and thousands of top talent engineers and executives. It’s taken us decades to build the level of trust we now receive from top executives and being a confidant in the recruiting process at that high-level has allowed us to act from a unique level of wisdom when it comes to assessing your organization’s hiring needs.

We’ve been at this a long time, and we know what works.  This is, and always will be, a people business. There are plenty of resume mills out there.  That is not who we are. If relationship value resonates with you – as a company looking for the right talent, or a candidate looking for a great next career move – we are the partner for you.

We’d love to chat with you about the various strategies available to you as you build your recruiting narrative. Just answer a few questions and we can help you properly navigate your next steps.