What are the top 5 skills for data engineers?

Audio transcription may not be 100% accurate: Hey, folks want to talk to you about #dataengineers and what are the top five skills and competencies needed to be successful in this career, especially here in austin, texas. Coding skills. We’re seeing high demand for folks with python, go, other scripting languages to be able to handle all of that data. Another skill set is data warehousing, knowing how to set up a good data warehouse data structures. What that looks like. What is future state feasible in a polished model, great skill to have also just basic data knowledge, database administration and how data flows into and out of that data warehouse. Finally, data analysis and critical thinking skills are very important to have, but also looking at how does that fit the organization that you’re working within? That ability, then to communicate across that organization is going to be well served for you, your team, and especially for the managers that you’re working with. If you have any questions around data engineering, data analysis and that field, love to have a conversation with you. We are providence partners, and we’re looking forward to working with you. We’re the fastest way to find i. T talent here in austin, tx give us a call