Something strange is happening in Texas technology sectors, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise—the hiring for web development jobs is becoming nepotistic in nature. Running within the right groups, attending the popular meetups or networking mixers, or just having worked within the right circle of people can give you access to many jobs that aren’t even made available to the public.

But that doesn’t always have to be the case. As the saying goes: If you know web development, there’s someone hiring for a web developer. The opportunities vary widely in scope, however, and many web developers in Texas start working with us at Providence Partners because they’re tired of hopping from position to position without ever finding something that felt like that perfect fit.

Improving Your Web Development Job Search Odds in Texas

Whether you’re a brand new web developer or hold an impressive background and body of work, there are always hacks that can be taken to improve the odds of finding your ideal web development position in Texas.

As we’ve mentioned in other articles, having a strong vision for what you want your career trajectory to look like and where you see the industry headed can prove wildly valuable when looking for promotions or new opportunities. Hiring teams want candidates who know where they are going and are confident they can properly execute their career hopes and dreams. It’s important to know what you want.

Strong vision has a lot to do with keeping an ear to the technology grapevine and continually growing your skill set as a web developer. Taking on hobby projects which do something interesting and have a salient, or lasting effect in the minds of recruiters can be an interesting strategy, but things such as attending or assisting in coding boot camps, hackathons, or non-profit coding challenges can all be interesting ways to build a personal brand around your coding strengths.

Smart Texas Web Developers Know How to Grow Their Talent Stack

Web Development Jobs are Set to Increase by 27-Percent By 2021. Technology has become ubiquitous and the explosive growth throughout the Texas technology sector does not show signs of slowing. But that doesn’t mean that every web development job is going to be a satisfying experience.

Your particular talent stack—the accumulation of all the skills you hold—can be a major differentiator when it comes to landing positions which pay more or have a cultural fit which better matches your sensibilities. For instance, being a strong JavaScript developer will likely open you up to a wide array of open positions for hire, but because there are so many JavaScript developers, competition is fierce which means pay and benefits may not be to your standards.

However, were you a JavaScript developer who was also fluent in Java, Python, PHP, or some other pairing of talents, then you automatically become a more “interesting” candidate and can make more demands of the jobs you’re applying for. Perhaps it’s not even adding a new coding language, but being a Java Programmer who is also well-versed in business administration or personnel management.

The way you mix and match your talent stack will go much further in branding you as an invaluable multi-dimensional member of a team, rather than a single faceted code monkey.

If you believe you have an interesting talent stack and would like to gain access to web developer opportunities in Texas not always available to the public, we’d love to hear from you and assess whether you’re the right fit for any of our programs or positions. Answer a few questions about your background and we’ll be in touch.