What is a programmer analyst? It’s what happens when the skill set of a computer programmer combined with the prowess and wisdom of a systems analyst. The result is super being who designs, develops and implements computer programs.

Programmer analysts must be knowledgeable about the latest technology trends and have the ability to communicate well with a team. A bachelor’s degree is typically the minimum requirement for this position, but of course, experience can always trump any lack in education.

At Providence Partners, we work with many computer programmers and systems analysts who are looking to shift their career trajectory. Often, recommending these talented individuals for open programmer analyst jobs is a welcomed change of pace and a simple way to give them greater responsibility and challenges.

Computer Programmers with Strong Communication Skills Get Promoted

Despite what Hollywood and even personal experience in the industry might lead us to believe, there are computer programmers who possess a certain knack for communication. Not all computer programmers are cut from the same cloth and those with a little more finesse in their ability to communicate might find more success and a greater level of satisfaction as a programmer analyst.

Computer programmer analysts tend to be the intermediary between upper management and the “code monkeys” down on the floor. They must be versatile enough in a wide array of technologies that they are able to translate conversations in either direction and assess technological needs based on current trends.

Tech Blog Junkies Make Great Programmer Analysts

Having an ear from what’s coming down the pipeline is another big part of being a good computer programmer analyst. There’s a kind of intuitive flair that must be present in strong PAs; an ability to see what exists in the present but understand how things are evolving into the uncertain future.

Programmer analysts worth their salt have a strong micro and macro view of the technology sector and stay abreast to current trends, news, industry data, and paradigm shifts. This is often achieved by reading technology blogs and news sources, joining professional orgs, attending conferences, and maintaining strong relationships with vendors and internal team leads.

At Providence Partners, we work with programmer analysts at all levels of their career. Whether you’re looking to transition from a computer programmer or sysadmin into a more versatile role, or you’re a seasoned programmer analyst looking for the right cultural fit—we can help.

We have relationships with thousands of Texas technology companies and we would love to recommend you for a role if we find you match the talent stack we’re seeking in candidates. Feel free to answer a few questions about your career trajectory and we’ll get back to you if it’s the right fit!