If you’re a tech engineer or executive, then you’re familiar with how hot the Austin tech market is, right now. CBRE recently released a report stating,

“San Francisco Bay Area-based technology firms have significantly grown their presence across the U.S. over the past five years. In the 10 markets they’ve largely targeted outside their headquarters region, these tech firms leased 18 million square feet of office space. Access to innovative tech talent was the primary reason for many of these expansions, as tight labor market conditions for highly skilled individuals necessitate a more geographically distributed workforce.”

Austin, Texas remains on the list of the 10 largest markets for Bay Area Tech Firms, which is good news for tech engineers and executives seeking work in the Texas area. But what does that mean for talented tech engineers and executives?

We’ve outlined a few of the ways Providence Partners is aligning with Texas technology growth and building a bridge between top performers and tech companies poised for growth.

New Technology Means a More Personal Experience

It might seem counterintuitive, but we’re thinking about the automation of the technology recruiting sector in a unique way. Rather than automating all of the processes and removing human interaction in favor of algorithms, Providence Partners is utilizing new tech tools and toys to make it more possible to create a personal connection with you.

As more and more automation tools become available, that allows us to empower our staff to take a more personal approach with our top talent. The advantage of being able to automate administrative, search, and filtering tasks is that it frees up bandwidth for our recruitment team to have a one-on-one conversation with top engineers and executives about their goals and career trajectory, while still remaining effective and efficient.

Search for Jobs Discreetly and Easily

Many new recruitment tools mean more of your data out in the aether of the web. That digital footprint can serve you on your job hunt, but it can also become a liability if you’re balancing and existing employment position while searching for something new that’s a better fit.

When you work with Providence Partners, we specialize in helping you search for a job discreetly without showing your hand too early. Like a Hollywood agent, we know that there are certain details and data which do not need to meet the public eye or be brought to the negotiation too soon. Providence Partners is about helping you manage your job search in a way that allows you to focus on your current position without feeling like you’re cheating on your employer. When there’s an opportunity that matches the goals and culture you’ve identified, we help walk you through the process of transitioning into a new opportunity with ease.

Don’t Just Find a Job—Plan a Career & Your Next 5 Years

Anyone can post a resume online and start to get pings for the low hanging fruit which is available to your particular talent stack. But just because you’re qualified for a job, doesn’t mean you should take it. Many jobs that match your talent stack are just not the right fit when it comes to your larger career and personal goals. You want to find something that matches you with the right level of challenge, reward, satisfaction, and growth.

Working with our recruitment team at Providence Partners is a much more in-depth process for top talent than merely matching your resume to some keywords in a search database. Let our team provide you with relevant career advice and insight based on what we’ve seen lead to thousands of satisfied tech engineers.

Discreetly searching the job marketplace—whether you’re still in a job and dipping your toe in the water to see what else might be out there, or actively searching for something you can start this week—is better when you have a guide and the personal touch offered by Providence Partners’ team of professional career recruiters in Dallas – Fort worth and Austin.

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