Despite the growing concern that automation will eliminate (or greatly reduce) software development jobs in Texas, there is one thing we know—someone has to write the really technical stuff. That’s why we love working with top-tier engineers who understand the difficulty of solving complicated software problems with precision and elegance.

When it comes to jobs in Texas, what we know is that the more technically skilled an employee is, the more in demand they become. Engineers who grow their base-level talents into multiple categories become much more valuable in the job marketplace.

Software Development Jobs for Networking & Storage Aren’t Going Anywhere

Regardless of shifts in the industry, there are a few staples we know aren’t going to change anytime soon. When it comes to the underlying technology that runs the world, networking and storage engineers are always going to be in high demand. There can be value in having a broad understanding of backbone technologies while showcasing a creative zest for more niche platforms.

Saving the World with Cyber-Security

And while storage and networking software will always be at the foundation of the technological revolution, the rise in cyber-security jobs makes software security a lucrative niche to understand at a deep level. Many cyber-security jobs are coming to Texas and Providence Partners actively represents tech engineers with this particular skill set.

Cyber-security offers a fun challenge for many tech engineers in that each day is like unraveling a mystery or putting together a puzzle. Coding can become a game where each day is an attempt to outperform what one did the day before. No software can ever become too secure, which lends this niche to continued upward growth and momentum.

Curious Software Developers Gain an Advantage

But just because stability sits in the proven zones comfortably plopped down in the middle of the industry doesn’t mean there aren’t huge advantages available to software developers who want to live on the fringe edges of the technological boom. Afterall, new paradigms are rarely created from the middle—they always infiltrate from the outer edges.

The usual suspects for curious software developers in Texas are, of course, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, cloud, virtual reality, and automation, but tech engineers who keep a curious mind and seek new discovery can become changemakers by grasping emerging trends and technologies before they become ubiquitous.

Being at the Top of Your Game Requires a Coach

What we’ve seen from being in the high-tech industry in Texas for over 30+ years is that software engineers have a tendency to stagnate at some point in their career. This doesn’t have to be the case. Many of our closest clients admit that they had hit a plateau and had the industry too close to the chest to know where to move next.

Our team at Providence Partners can give you the 30,000-foot view of the industry, whether you’re actively seeking a new position as a tech engineer or executive in Texas, or just curious about what direction might increase the level of challenge you give yourself each day.

We want our clientele to be on the forefront of a shifting industry, driving change at every level. When you’re in the weeds of what you do, it can often be difficult to see the forest for the trees. Providence Partners can provide Texas high-tech engineers with a new perspective to help them make better career choices and understand emerging trends and talents that might prove useful down the line.

If you’re ready to chat with a high-tech career expert about the right way to grow your tech career in Texas, we’d love to hear from you.