When there is a transition or shift in leadership within a company, there’s always the danger of an empty high-level or C-Level position creating a vacuum that can become more of a burden than a positive force of momentum. When an organization in Texas needs to make sure they have shored up their C-Level position—even if only a temporary solution—there are several ways to go about finding strong, interim executives, who know how to help steady hands and right trajectories. When approached properly, an organization can get out ahead of major executive transitions and use them to the company’s benefit.

Great Products are the Byproduct of Great People

It may seem an old adage, but even in a time where data is becoming King (if not God), people are still the main ingredient in quality and success. Unfortunately, that is becoming a somewhat contrarian stance in the tech world, as Executive Consultant, Rick Conlow of WCW Partners puts it,

“It’s as if people don’t matter that much anymore. Today they are called human capital. Why is it that the people of things are so discounted? As a result, leadership languishes, employees are more disengaged, trust is absent, innovation suffers, customer service is mediocre at best, teamwork is a misnomer and productivity sags.  Thank goodness, a new species of leaders has emerged to challenge this approach. High tech can’t leave high touch behind.”

In the wake of major leadership transitions or changes, it’s all too easy to make the call that there are enough systems or data in place to hold off on filling an executive position until a full-time replacement or fit can be found. This is dangerous ground, as holes in an organizations leadership can often lead to internal swings in loyalty, priorities, and motivation. There’s still something to this “personal touch” thing and a great interim executive will have the skills and talent to help you powerfully leverage your executive transition in the short-term so that you are comfortable taking the time to find the best long-term solution.

You Might Be Legally Bound to an Interim Executive

Whether you’ve decided that hiring an interim C-Suite executive is the right move for making a strong short-term play and keeping balance within your organization, or you are merely legally obligated to fill a certain position without leaving it empty—Providence Partners has worked with hundreds of companies in transition. We know all of the right questions to ask to make sure you’re thinking about your company’s next steps in the right way.

Hiring an interim executive is an interesting way to “try someone out” without having to commit long-term when there is a question of whether an executive is the right fit. Interim executive hiring is also a great strategy for making hard and/or fast changes to accelerate an action item or goal. You can find someone with a specific talent stack for one or a handful of short-term goals, get them achieved, and then transition into a full-time executive with a broader suite of skills for maintaining those results.

Interim Executive Recruiting in Texas

It’s not a secret that your senior-level executives and advisors have a trickle-down effect which, ultimately, determines the culture, momentum, and efficiency of your entire organization. These are not decisions which should be left up to chance. At Providence Partners, we know how to act as a guide in times of executive transition and we specialize in connecting organizations with interim and full-time executives who match the technical and creative goals you’re looking to achieve.

We’d love to chat with you about the various strategies available to you as you seek out an interim and/or full-time executive. Just answer a few questions and we can help you properly navigate this transition.