Looking for a job in tech? Many cities in Texas are becoming safe havens for well-established and startup tech companies. Austin, Texas, alone, has an exploding high tech industry with observers, according to some publications, going so far as labeling the city a mini-Silicon Valley.

Why are so many tech employers and employees flocking to Texas? New data from the Austin Chamber of Commerce suggests the chatter of explosive technology growth in Texas has hard-data to back it up.

High-Tech Job Growth in Texas is on The Rise

Over the last five years, employment in high tech industries has grown by 23.7 percent, compared to 21.1 percent for all industries in Austin, according to a recent chamber study. The study highlights that nearly 6,500 employers in the Austin area are in high tech industries with tech industry jobs totaling over 138,500, or 14.1% of all jobs available. That might not mean much at first glance, but it’s nearly double the national average when it comes to high-tech positions in a city.

The Chamber went on to say that the Austin, Texas technology industry and tech jobs, in general, were outpacing natural job growth in other industries. This bullish growth despite coming out of a 10-year recession that affected job growth across the board.

Finding Your Dream Job in Tech Might Be Easier in Texas

Yet, with all of these jobs, why aren’t you hearing about them? How can you filter out all of the noise and really hone in on something that will challenge and inspire you? That’s the question that the founders at Providence Partners realized was not being answered by many high-tech job boards or A.I. job search applications out there. In an industry on the leading edge of creating high-tech automation, there might just still be a need for a personal touch.

Providence Partners seeks out top-tier tech engineers and helps them weather the storm by finding them opportunities that are the right fit based on a checklist of criteria and values. They have working relationships with many of the employers hiring in the Texas area and can coach high-tech engineers on the best practices for submitting a resume and story that will get the attention it deserves.

Discreet Job Searching in the Tech Industry

Anyone working in tech (or seeking a job in the tech industry) knows that data is quickly becoming king. And while there are many systems out there, deep-learning and otherwise, which can do some impressive things with your employment data, the human brain still reigns all-powerful when it comes to drawing connections, patterns, and riding that intuitive wave into success.

At Providence Partners, our team of highly-skilled tech recruiters in Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW) and Austin isn’t just crunching data and using an algorithm to match you with an opportunity that seems close enough. We’re interested in getting to know our top tech engineers, so we can better understand your dreams and goals. We want you to find the right fit and we aim to put you in the right place at the right time. That’s not an easy thing to do when you have an existing job in the tech industry.

Hollywood actors have agents who help them weed out and filter the barrage of opportunities which come their way so that they can focus their attention on the meetings and interviews which truly matter. We know that most tech engineers don’t want to jeopardize their existing position by posting a resume to a public job board, especially when you’re not even 100 percent a new position is the right move for you.

Let Providence Partners Be Your Eyes and Ears in the Texas High-Tech World

There’s no need to waste all of the time, effort, and giving up of your position that has historically been required of tech engineers seeking new career growth. Providence Partners has a fine-tuned system for analyzing your goals and strengths and pairing you only with opportunities that seem like a strong fit at a creative, technical, and personal level.

We know that challenging work and a corporate culture that fits is important. We strive to provide that for the top-tier tech engineers we work with on a daily basis in Texas. Are you looking to capitalize on the explosive technology growth happening in Austin, Texas and beyond? We’d love to learn more about the type of position you’re seeking. We have thousands of technology jobs in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Texas and more.

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