We take pride in the 30+ years we’ve been serving the Texas technology sector for the best in executive and engineering talent and recruiting. Our track record for success speaks loud and proud like a good Texan should.

There’s a saying here in Texas that goes: They’re all hat and no cattle. It means someone sure thinks highly of themselves, even though they rarely have the fortitude to follow through on their own words.

At Providence Partners, we believe in the power of integrity. Our word is our bond and it’s why we spend so much time face-to-face with industry movers and shakers. We know this is a people business and we’ve developed a system of values to make sure we always put people first in our work.

When you work with Providence Partners for corporate recruiting, you’re going to get this promise every time:

A Sincere Desire to Be of Value to Others

Corporate recruiting is a referral game. We know that we’re only as good as our last successful placement. We also understand that you’re hiring us to help provide relief in an area that can become increasingly burdensome to handle internally.

In our effort to be the most valuable corporate recruiting team you’ve ever worked with we promise to ask good questions to lull out the details that are going to make our partnership with you a success.

You shouldn’t have to tell a corporate recruiting firm every little thing you need to be completed. You’re hiring us because we’re experts in what we do and know how to properly assess your goals and put together a hiring strategy that allows you to meet and exceed them.

We Provide Peace of Mind

You’re hiring an experienced corporate recruiter at Providence Partners for the depth of local industry hiring knowledge and network of top-tier talent that we have access to in Texas. In addition to that, we’re constantly introducing new tools that our innovative team has tested thoroughly for efficacy.

Our 30+ years of experience means that we’ve already made all of the rookie mistakes, learned from them, and built an entire system to failsafe against making those same mistakes in the future. We have an incredible number of experience points for a wide variety of situations which makes us incredibly valuable in the negotiation phase of hiring.

We’ve done the legwork and implemented time-tested processes that just work. Being in the trenches of corporate recruiting through many different economic turns has given us a kind of muscle memory which empowers each member of our team to act from a place of confident intuition while being guided by the best tools, data, and metrics available.

Ultimately, what we’re providing you with is peace of mind that we’re going to get the job done the right way and in a timely fashion that leaves all parties satisfied.

Work and Live with Honor (Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions)

For us, integrity is not just about having such a strong vision for a desired outcome that we continually execute in a way that creates win-win scenarios. Saying yes to the right people, places, and things is important. But even more so, integrity for us is about knowing when to say— NO.

Corporate recruiters with less experience don’t have the inherent sensitivity required to call things as they see them. Rookie recruiters can lean more towards wishful thinking rather than tried and true. We’re not cynical, in fact, we’re incredibly optimistic, but we practice optimistic pessimism—we know what can and will go wrong and we’re prepared for any and all circumstances.

Our honor is wrapped up in knowing what to do when things go wrong, haywire, or sideways. We’re never fair-weather friends, but ready to right the ship when strong winds come in and seize the sails. Perhaps the analogy is a bit dramatic, but the fact remains that knowing when to say YES and when to say NO has given us an advantage over our competition and most internal hiring teams. That level of clarity is why we succeed time and time, again.

Help or Teach Others To Be Successful

We believe that great leaders are great teachers. Teachers have a love of sharing what they know and finding new ways to communicate information in ways where all parties can benefit. We pride ourselves as teachers and look forward to sitting with clients and sharing our wealth of experience with them in a way that is relevant to their organization’s situation.

Teachers are patient and we instill that in each member of our team. Patience is one of the most important skills a teacher can have and this added space we’re able to carve out into any given scenario allows us an uncanny ability to tune into details and information that others tend to miss.

We know what has brought us success in the past, but we’re also ready to pivot and call an audible when the scenario calls for it. We adaptable and this becomes incredibly important in allowing us to meet your organization’s specific goals.

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

We know that life is a team effort and we build our relationships in a way that provides each of our clients with thousands of bridges and avenues into successful corporate recruiting.

Corporate recruiting in Dallas – Fort Worth (DFW) and Austin, Texas can be an incredibly stressful job and not everyone is cut out for the more intense moments of the process. That’s why we’re so adamant about building teams who understand how to add to one another’s strengths.

By providing the right rewards and incentives and encouraging a team ethos in everything we do, we go above and beyond our closest competition because we’ve learned to excel at the one thing we value above all else: people.

If working with a corporate recruiter in Texas with values is important to you and your team, we’d love to hear from you. You can start helping us get to know you by answering a few questions, here.