The Bureau of Labor Statistics is bearish on Computer Support Specialists, proclaiming that the United States is on track to add an additional 88,500 jobs by the year 2026.

Computer support specialists provide help and advice to computer users and organizations. These specialists either support computer networks or they provide technical assistance directly to computer users.

So, what does that mean for Texas employees and employers? Well, Texas is now being called by many a mini-Silicon Valley with technology organizations flocking to the Lone Star State. That means that in an already bearish technology boom across the United States, Texas is poised to gain the benefit of a large percentage of those numbers. Good news for entry-level and experienced computer support specialists.

Texas Computer Support Specialists Can Make Upwards of $62K a Year in Salary

With median annual wages for computer network support specialists ranging from $50K to $62K, and employment of computer support specialists is projected to grow 11 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations—it’s an interesting time to be searching out a career in computer support.

Because of the wide range of skills used in different computer support jobs, there are many paths into the occupation. A bachelor’s degree is required for some computer support specialist positions, but an associate’s degree or postsecondary classes may be enough for others.

Most computer support specialists have full-time work schedules; however, many do not work in typical 9-to-5 jobs. Because computer support is important for businesses, support services may need to be available 24 hours a day. As a result, many support specialists must work nights or weekends.

Why the High Demand for Computer Support Specialists in Texas?

The big reason computer support is needed so badly at nearly every level of an organization is simply the speed of innovation. It often feels that the moment a new piece of hardware, software, patch, or update is released, something new is right on its tails. This means that the learning curve required for success with these products is constantly rendering itself into the future.

As we move more and more towards specialization in the world, this means there will always be a higher demand for people who want to hire someone else to help solve a problem than those who decide to figure it out themselves. It’s simply more efficient this way. Whether it’s as basic as grandma wanting to understand how to download an app to a high-level marketing team addressing the deliverability of potent sales emails—the demand for specialized agents to help resolve computer problems in a timely fashion is growing rapidly.

If you’re actively seeking to find a career as a computer support specialist in Texas, we have a team dedicated to helping you develop a strong career vision so you can find a position that is both challenging and satisfying. We’d love to hear from you and start building a relationship. Feel free to answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch.