Growing corporations in Texas are approaching us more and more with the need for professionals skilled in security measures. Keeping organizational data under key and lock which protecting personally identifiable information is no-no longer a nice-to-have, it’s an absolute imperative for a company’s success.

So why is it that good information security analysts are so hard to come by? In the good old days, it was considered noble to rise up and secure the kingdom. We still feel that protecting infrastructure, corporate reputation, and confidential information from nefarious parties is an incredibly dignified role to play.

Seeking Assiduous Information Security Professionals with Certification

Do you have an attention to detail? Are you willing to obtain (or do you already have) the required certifications that will put employers at ease when hiring for information security analysts? At Providence Partners, we have been inundated with job requests from employers seeking positions at all levels of security certification. Each credentialed level comes with its own set of challenges, level of commitment, and opportunities.

Entry Level Information Security Analysis Certifications:

Intermediate-Level Information Security Analysis Certifications:

Advanced-Level Information Security Analysis Certifications:

CTA: Looking for the Most Lucrative Information Security Certifications?

Growing your career in information security analysis is about understanding the steps for growth and the certifications employers are seeking. When well-represented, information security professionals are in high demand throughout the Texas technology sector.

At Providence Partners, we’re all about helping top talent find challenging and satisfying career opportunities. We keep a close eye on the Texas technology industry through our network of thousands of close relationships, consisting of top-tier technology employers and engineers. If you’re seeking out advice on the best certifications to grow your career as an information security analyst in Texas, or if you feel you’re one of the best ISAs in the industry, we’d love to have a conversation with you.

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