In the competitive industry of staffing, speed is king. The faster you can respond to an email or a client, the better your chances are of being able to successfully make that placement or landing a new client. In other words, the faster you are, the more opportunities you have to excel.

A huge resistance to speed and efficiency are the manual tasks that are time consuming. An example of this would be: manual data entry of a candidate’s information into the ATS. Even though getting new data into the ATS is important in ensuring that you are successfully growing your organization, the process can occupy time that can be used for other revenue-generating tasks, such as contacting prospective clients or candidates.

For recruiters who are working with a plethora of resumes each day, utilizing technology that helps automate and speed up the prospective candidate process can be a vital improvement. This will not only have a positive influence on productivity but overall candidate and client experience.

What is Resume Parsing?

Resume parsing is the process by which a resume is automatically converted into your ATS. Specific data such as name, email address, phone number, etc are important from your resume into respective fields within your ATS, allowing you to filter, search, and access the specific information about a candidate in just a few clicks.

Most resume parsers operate by the user uploading the resume file into the parsing tool (some may even utilize a drag-and-drop feature or interface), and confirming which data should be imported. Through the completion of these steps, the candidate will now exist as a record in the ATS.

Benefits of Resume Parsing?

1. Increased Speed

Resume parsing saves time and resources by automotive the candidate import process. Rather than manually entering each piece of data, the resume parser is able to do it all at once. Furthermore, utilizing a resume parser to parse information into the ATS makes it quick and easy to allocate prospective or qualified candidates to jobs. Their information and skills are also parsed from their resume and can be searched and viewed easily.

2. Improved Candidate and Client Experience

The faster a candidate’s information is added to the ATS, the quicker the recruiter can approach them about an open position. Using a resume parser to improve efficiency in the data entry process ensures that recruiters can put their efforts in providing a positive customer experience to candidates.

3. Better Data in Your ATS

Manual data entry is highly prone to human errors, which can negatively affect the integrity of your database. If a recruiter incorrectly enters a candidate’s phone number or email, this candidate will not receive any calls or emails. Resume parsers are exquisitely accurate. Most resume parsers are accurate 95 – 99% of the time, which means that by automatically parsing resumes into the ATS, the data will be imported without errors, ensuring you have the most up-to-date and correct information.

What should I look for in a Resume Parser?

1. Can I parse a resume in any format?

Your resume parser should allow any format, this can be .doc or PDF. Having to revert back with a candidate to reformat their resume could lead to a negative experience. With this said, it is important to ensure that your parser can work with different file types.

2. Does the resumer parser seamlessly integrate into my ATS?

A resume parser’s core benefit is to save time on adding candidates data in the ATS. Therefore, for the most efficiency gains, your resume parser should integrate directly with your ATS in order to reduce the number of clicks it takes for the candidate’s information to be imported into the database.

3. Can I import more than just the name and email from the resume?

When it comes to parsing data from a resume, more is always better. The resume parsing tool you utilize should allow you to import as many fields as possible. Important information such as work history, skills and education can help you easily sort and find prospective candidates that are perfect matches for the job roles.

As the staffing and recruiting industry grows, so will the need for increased efficiency and automation. Utilizing a resume parser ensures information can be quickly and easily added to your ATS so that your team can continue to establish a great customer experience.