There’s no question that leadership is ingrained into veterans. From a very young age, most military recruits are put into a program which teaches discipline, integrity, leadership, and commitment—all incredibly valuable skills in an executive leader. Arguably even more important is veteran’s ability to work as a team or unit and find fast synchronicity between external circumstances and internal personnel. Add to this rising cyber security threats and exiting veterans well-equipped to deal with a myriad of cyber security scenarios and you have an interesting formula for tech success.

The Three P’s!

Veterans coming out of a military engagement are well-steeped in punctuality, the importance of proper planning, and have a great deal of patience. Being on time, knowing how to break big ideas into small, actionable parts, and having an ability to endure when massive challenges pop up in your organization are all vital for a strong leader. Veterans know this and embody the three P’s.

Landing Government Contracts

One little known, but highly relevant perk of having a veteran in a leadership or executive position, along with an engineering team of veterans is that it can make landing local, state, and federal government contracts easier.

When a contract requires that your engineers and employees have a certain level of security clearance it can become a costly process to get everyone the proper clearances. Hiring veterans who held security clearances while on duty can alleviate some of the challenges which will inevitably come up when looking to secure government contracts.

The Reasons to Hire Veterans in Tech are Many

Aside from work ethic and discipline, there are far too many reasons seeking out military veterans makes sense for tech firms and organizations. We’re proud to support the men and women who supported our freedoms and can help your organization put together a veteran hiring strategy that matches your company’s KPIs and goals.

We’d love to chat with you about the various strategies available to you as you build your military veteran recruiting strategy. Just answer a few questions and we can help you properly navigate your next steps.