Amongst the best technology recruiters, there’s a long-standing and well-known adage that certifications do not matter, only experience matters. And the more unique your experience, the more attractive it becomes to various technology companies seeking innovative solutions and talent to implement those solutions.

We all know that Silicon Valley started a revolution of sorts and gets much of the credit for being the seed point and breeding ground for technological innovation. What often flies under the radar (by design) is the massive amount of investment, training, and technological talent employed and produced by the military as it ramps up its defense against cyber threats and attacks.

Hiring managers in the know are actively seeking and recruiting veterans with cybersecurity work history into an understaffed but exponentially growing niche. For ex-military veterans looking to solve some of the most pressing security issues of our time, this is good news.

Closing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

Let’s face it, the military lives and breathes proper security measures and infrastructure. There is an inherent mindset of protect and serve and all of the psychological ramifications of that credo built into the work done by our brave service men and women. It’s this structure of safeguarding orders and information which makes veterans ideal candidates for cybersecurity jobs in Texas.

That’s why more and more organizations are actively seeking out veterans for their unique mindset and talent stack. Cyber threats are on the rise and new innovations in the field are happening so quickly that many hiring managers are unable to keep up with the speed of technological innovation. Turning to veterans seeking tech engineering work is helping close that gap.

Mission Analysis and Implementation of Orders – Landing a Cyber Security Job in Texas

The cybersecurity threat is real and rising in importance. We’ve established relationships with the top organizations and startups in the cyber security space and are actively seeking experience cyber security experts. There are positions available for the unique background which veterans bring to the table, but also for experienced civilians.

If you’re currently seeking a position in cybersecurity and have a talent stack with experience in network security, endpoint security, application security, server security, data security, network forensics or endpoint forensics, incident response and security monitoring, malware analysis and reversing, hardware hacking, and/or surveillance, then we’d love to chat with you about the opportunities available to you in the Texas technology marketplace.

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