The landscape for executive job search appears to be changing with new online tools, artificial intelligence, and the increasing use of team recruiting and hiring within organization. However, at its core, hiring the right executive for your organization is rooted in the same old wisdom Theodore Roosevelt gave us so many years ago:

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.”

Identifying that level of vision, discernment, and humility in a person requires a level of subjective analysis that even the most advanced artificial intelligence and technology still can’t touch or identify. For this reason, Providence Partners has always made its executive search much more about people and their intuitive qualities, rather than assuming the only things which matter can be quantified in a spreadsheet.

Why We’re Still Bullish on People

It might sound strange for a firm with over 30+ years of success in the Texas technology sector to not be screaming about innovations in hiring software, A.I., and algorithmic search. And while we’re highly invested in all of those emerging platforms and tools and offer the best technology in the industry to our clients, we’ve also been doing this long enough to understand the inherent limitations of relying too heavily on technology.

Hiring is and always will be about people. You’d think a statement like that would be a given, but the more hiring and recruiting conferences and networking events we attend, the more we grow leary of our counterparts in the industry who seem to be falling into complacency and a lackadaisical haze by relying more and more on hiring technology and less on the intuitive prowess of their team.

When it comes to finding a true leader—which is how we approach executive search—there’s a level of nuance that software programs just haven’t perfected finding, yet. Hiring strong leaders is much more an art than a science; it requires a healthy combination of careful analysis of data and metrics, paired with an almost mystical sense for a person’s growth potential. That’s what we offer our clients when they work with our executive search team at Providence Partners.

Reducing Inefficiencies and Time to Hire for Executive Search in Texas

There isn’t one piece of technology out there which is a cure-all for the problems that have historically plagued the executive search world. Firms who tout their “new groundbreaking app” as the differentiator that will solve all of your hiring needs are just using novelty and anomalous positioning to make their firm seem shinier than the rest. The proof is always in the pudding, however, which is why we always supply real success stories and references for how and why our intuitive approach is so valuable.

We love technology (it’s why we got into this space) and we’re constantly trying out all of the new software, tools, apps, and gadgets being released to the recruiting marketplace. We’ve even gone so far as developing many of our own internal tools where we saw limitations in more public software offerings. But our power is in being able to tell a strong story to both employers and candidates.

Finding the right person in an executive search isn’t all that difficult. We’ve been doing it successfully for 30+ years. The difficult part is in getting that ideal candidate to say, “Yes!” That’s where our years of experience in crafting and telling compelling brand stories can go above and beyond any other recruiting firm out there.

Let us help you build a story so powerful around your brand that you not only find and attract the ideal candidate, but you get them to say YES at a salary which fits comfortably inside your budget.

If you’re seeking a powerful executive search team in Texas, we’d love to help your organization build a magnetic brand narrative. Answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch.