It goes without saying that Austin is a hot marketplace, but what are five things that people probably won’t tell you about Austin until you get here and learn about on your own! This blog will go through the five main things you should know and consider before relocating.

  1. Downturn Due To COVID-19 – NOT REALLY!

People are working from home, and we’ve had a slight break in traffic. Our rush hour traffic is back, so now, you have to plan your commute time.  Covid taught us to stagger our start times when to get on the road.  How do you get through traffic quickly, either start early or stay later.  Many companies are now in a hybrid work model that allows their employees to flex their schedule and the days they are in the office.  These companies will thrive in Austin.

  1. Allergies

While many parts of the country enjoy a respite from allergy season in the winter, Austin’s allergy season runs from December to February, courtesy to the notorious mountain cedar tree. (Interestingly, the tree is rarely referred to by its scientific name, Ashe juniper.) The male mountain cedar tree produces pollen puffs containing up to a billion pollen grains, which are blown by the wind over miles. Pollen clouds drift around, resembling yellow smoke at times. The mountain cedar causes “cedar fever,” which is a common phrase describing an allergic reaction to the tree rather than a fever.

Once cedar fever has passed, new growth and the promise of spring bring other tree pollen troubles into June. Pecan, elm, oak, ash, and cottonwood are the trees that have the largest impact on the Austin area. During this time, oak pollen is especially noticeable and bothersome, coating vehicles, pathways, and outdoor grills in a thin yellow powder. Warm, dry, and windy weather is an allergy sufferer’s worst enemy in the spring because that’s when pollen gets blown around in the air the most.

My favorite “fix” for allergies in Austin is to take Allergena Zone 5 drops two times per day.  Some of our local HEB’s carry this product.  It has been a game changer for MANY locals.

  1. Austin Heat

The Texas heat is another issue that people are concerned about when relocating to Austin. What do you do from Memorial Day until Labor Day, when the weather in Austin gets very hot? Many residents go to the lake to have some fun. Lake Travis is a popular spot, as are all the highland lakes. Barton Springs is another place where Austinites go to have some summer fun. Water temperature at Barton Springs is 68 degrees all year. Whenever it’s 100 degrees outside, 68 feels fantastic. Also, for all those Midwesterners and Northeasterners who have remote start in their cars because it’s so darn chilly in the winter, here’s a small hint. In the summer, it’s a great way to cool down your car before getting in.

  1. Homeless Campers

Austin’s city government is putting up a lot of effort to solve this social problem. In the last year, the City Council and Mayor have had to look for new solutions and have now been able to clean up a lot of downtown Austin.  A lot of resources have been invested to help get folks off the street. Furthermore, they have a fantastic answer to homelessness called “Community First.” Alan Graham, with his ideas and ingenuity, is working with the city for the greater good of our Greater Austin community.

  1. Sixth Street & Rainey Street

Even if you’re not very familiar with Austin you most certainly have heard of 6th street. 6th street is home to Austin’s most eclectic pubs, clubs, and eateries. Covid has caused much of Sixth Street to be closed. If you enjoy live music, Rainey Street is also a great place to visit. The doors are starting to crack back open, again, and we are all looking forward to attending our favorite outdoor events like SXSW and many other weekend entertainment.

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