When it comes to technology development and engineering, it can become incredibly easy to become engrossed with the small, compartmentalized section of code or project requirements which you have been assigned. At some level, however, someone naturally has to be keep track of the bigger picture and making sure that all of the parts come together to form a cohesive whole. Enter the wise computer network engineer.

Computer Network Engineers create plans and layouts for data communication networks and communicate these plans to management. They are responsible for planning system integrity and proposing network security via hardware, software, and overall technology implementation strategies. But what many tech engineers lack, Computer Network Architects have in spades—vision.

Computer Network Architects Prosper When Practicing Stoic Optimism

Visionaries tend to share a common context for viewing the world—everything changes. True vision is not just about wishful thinking and any architect (network, or otherwise) will tell you that great design requires an intensity in one’s ability to observe. It is not possible to innovate if one is always future-tripping. One must observe, deeply, what is happening right in front of them and then allow solutions to present themselves.

Glazing over uncomfortable data is never the trait of a strong leader and the Texas technology employers we work with who are actively seeking out powerful network architects are desirous of leaders with vision. That means they are looking for engineers who understand a wide array of technologies, the ways they implement together, the pitfalls of each, and the potential for integration.

Network security and database design is a creative process and requires an incredible ability to hold many ideas in mind at one time. The great computer network architects we work with have an uncanny ability for holding within their minds near holographic images of the networks they are working on and designing.

What Texas Employers Are Seeking When It Comes to Computer Network Architecture

At Providence Partners, we have the pleasure of working with thousands of employers seeking out top-tier technology engineers and talent. When discussing network architecture with Texas employers, a few things jump out as wants for ideal candidates:

1) Visionaries able to hold complex problems in mind
2) 5 to 10 years experience in the IT field (preferably as a Network Engineer)
3) Work with a wide set of technologies used in networks
4) Deep understanding and experience in network security and database design
5) Fluent in Cisco, CCNA Routing and Switching, and CCNP Routing and Switching
6) Network Architecture certificate
7) Business Administration certificate

Are you a visionary Computer Network Architect? We’d love to help you assess the Texas job market and better understand your desired career trajectory.